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5 Amazing Facts About Spaceship Earth

In honor of #SpaceshipEarthSunday, here are five amazing facts about “the big golf ball” at Epcot.

1: It’s the World’s Largest Free Standing Sphere

The icon of Epcot, Spaceship Earth stands at 180 feet or 18 stories tall. It is one of the most recognizable park structures in the world. It’s not the tallest Disney World icon though. Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom is 183 feet, and Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios is 199 feet.


2: Spaceship Earth is Actually Two Spheres

About two feet in from the external sphere we can see, a second sphere houses the omnimover ride that takes guests through a history of civilization.

3: Water Doesn’t Drip Off the Sides

The two spheres allow room for a gutter system that funnels water away. Collected water is channelled all the way to The World Showcase Lagoon! Much better than dripping on guests heads.


4: Spaceship Earth Weighs Nearly 16 Million Pounds

That’s the same as 8000 one-ton pick up trucks. Or for a more recent example, about 3200 Minnie Vans!

5: There’s Something Else Bigger at Epcot

There’s no question Spaceship Earth is huge, but it’s not the biggest attraction at Epcot. In fact, the entire sphere could be submerged in the aquarium inside The Seas pavilion!



Epcot will be celebrating its 35th anniversary on October 1, 2017. Commemorative merchandise and special events will mark the occasion. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Disney!


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