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DIY Disney Halloween Couples Costumes

It’s no secret that here at Word of Mouse we are Disney fanatics! Every year for Halloween, we do our best to represent a Disney duo in costume. Here are our six favorite costumes (three pairs) and how you can create them, DIY style.

It’s amazing what you can pull together with some thrift store finds, scissors, and hot glue! You may even have these items already in your closet.

Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann DIY Costumes

Let’s start with Jack Sparrow – sorry – Captain Jack Sparrow!

The base of the costume is a white billowy women’s blouse, dark brown pants, and brown shoes. We modified other thrift store finds to make the other elements and accessories:

  • Vest: a dark brown jacket with the sleeves and collar removed
  • Sash: men’s striped shirt cut into strips and sewn together to make one long piece. We wrapped it around several times for a layered look, then tied it loosely around the belts.
  • Belts: there are two belts here with the largest buckles we could find!
  • Compass: hexagon-shaped box spray painted gold and tied to the belt
  • Pelt: faux fur hand warmer, cut to size

We found pirate boot covers and Jack Sparrow-ish facial hair at a pop-up Halloween store, then topped off the look with an official Jack Sparrow hat from Disney World. You can find similar hats available on Amazon!

Elizabeth Swann:

The base of Elizabeth’s costume started like Jack Sparrow’s – a white blouse, brown pants, and brown boots. Then we added:

  • Vest: dark red women’s jacket with the sleeves and collar removed
  • Boots: the sleeves from Jack’s brown jacket turned into the top of Elizabeth’s boots!
  • Belt: the biggest buckle we could find
  • Holster: second belt worn across the chest

We found a wig and hat at the same pop-up Halloween store.

Now all you need is a fall evening, a fire, and two sticks to set your own sword fighting scene!


Woody and Jessie from Toy Story

Toy Story Woody and Jessie Halloween Costumes DIYThe key to these costumes is felt!

Once again, we start with an easy base. For Woody, jeans and a yellow button-up shirt, and for Jessie, flare jeans and a white button-up shirt.

To complete the look for Woody you’ll need:

  • Vest: a low-buttoning vest covered in white felt, with black felt added to create the cow pattern – all applied with hot glue.
  • Hat: costume shop find
  • Belt: thrift store find, with large cowboy buckle
  • Red bandana
  • Cowboy boots (check for snakes!)

To complete the look for Jessie, you’ll need:

  • Shirt: yellow felt glued to the top half of the shirt, and yellow felt cuffs
  • Pants: from about mid-thigh down, white felt cut in to match the shape of the jeans, with black felt added in the cow pattern, just like Woody’s vest. The white felt is lined with a layer of black felt to be sturdy, then hot glued right onto the jeans from the top to the knee.
  • Hat: felt to the rescue again! We covered a wide-brimmed hat with red felt and added a white ribbon around the middle.
  • Hair: we lucked into finding a red, braided basket handle that I attached to the hat. You could recreate this with a thick braid of red yarn. Tie a yellow felt bow at the bottom for a finishing touch.

Now, find a horse named Bullseye and ride like the wind!

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz

wp-image-1735444886This may be the easiest costume pair yet! Little modification was needed to turn us into these video game characters.

Let’s start with Ralph, you’ll need:

  • An orange polo shirt with the collar removed
  • A dark green undershirt
  • Brown shoes
  • A brown wig (unless you already have brown hair)
  • Wreck-It Ralph hands
  • Brown overalls

We couldn’t find brown overalls, so we made them ourselves from two pairs of brown pants. We deconstructed the second pair to make the bib and strap. Be sure to only button up one side to stay authentic.

For Vanellope you’ll need:

  • A light blue hoodie
  • A pink shoelace through the hood
  • A short brown pleated skirt
  • Light blue leggings or tights with white ribbon glued around them
  • Black chunky shoes

Then, tie up your hair and add some accessories that look like candy. I haven’t tried theseĀ candy hair clips from Amazon, but they are adorable!

Voila! Ralph and Vanellope are ready for your next Halloween party.

We’d love to see your DIY Disney costumes! Head on over to our Facebook page and leave a photo comment.

Happy Halloween!


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