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Disney Releases Sneak Peek at Brand New Dining Location Coming to Toy Story Land Next Summer

Toy Story Land isn’t opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios until the summer of 2018 but that hasn’t stopped fans everywhere from scouring the internet in search of information about this new area.Andys-Lunch-Box

Today Disney unveiled an artist rendering for a section of Toy Story Land that will definitely make guests happy who have been longing for new quick service dining options at Hollywood Studios.

As guests enter this new land they will be shrunk down to toy size and begin exploring Andy’s backyard. When they arrive at Woody’s Lunch Box they will notice that Andy has used his school lunch box and thermos set to build a walk-up service window. Woody’s Lunch Box will be serving full-meals as well as old-fashioned soda floats to all of the “toys” that visit Toy Story Land.

The artist rendering also gives us a sneak peek at some of the details around Woody’s Lunch Box. A few of Andy’s favorite toys (including Tinkertoys, books, and blocks) are placed throughout the area. There are even items from his lunch sprinkled around.

Although we don’t yet know the full menu, we do know that Walt Disney World is teaming up on Woody’s Lunch Box with Mini Babybel (recently designated as the official snack cheese company of WDW and Disneyland).

What items from Andy’s lunch are you hoping to see offered on your visit to Woody’s Lunch Box? Let us know in the comments.


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